Jade Enterprises

Jade is synonymous with quality. If there is something new and you want it, chances are it is a Jade product. They have been at the forefront of luxury innovation since 2160, funding exotic and dangerous resource missions as much for show and image as profitability. Their employees are few and far between, heavily augmented and always the best in their fields they provide the utmost in customer care and discretion. Fancy a getaway to a binary star system with your new wife? How about some Algae wine grown in the light of VY Canis Majoris? Do you enjoy organically fed, zero-gravity lamb?

Though their label grew out of the luxury starship line they pioneered in Greater Hong Kong and even used their own navigation system for a time, but they eventually agreed to use AeON standard protocols. Jade products are long-lasting and exquisitely made, their beauty yielding only to functionality. Their employees are paid well enough to use their own products, and the marketing campaign is centered around the glamorization of their lives. Their clients are heads of states and cities, tanners, as are most of their customers.

CEO: Janneth Selane 54
Husband: Jagen Zarkot 53
No children

CFO: Dakarus Riggers 48
Wife: Lexarne Astare-Riggers 44
No children, wife is pregnant

COO: Manneth Sprax 59
Rumored to have an illegitmate child in the low-stacks, but PI’s returned no evidence.

CMO: Kevin Bailer 39
Unwed, rumored to have a Tanner girlfriend planning to fund his political aspirations
No children

CPO: Perecia Onasik 37
Wife: Zerina Sadar 39
Are in the process of adopting twins from the GCHD slums, largely for PR purposes.

Prominent Companies

Jade Enterprises

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