Nightvale Security Group

Formed early in 2100 following the rapid decline in military spending as nations switched from hunting to gathering, Nightvale is one of the few companies that still manufactures weapons. They provide security to almost all parties involved in space exploration and have contracts in every major metropolitan area. They are working on a bid to police Chitroit, but the SuperCity Council has yet to agree on terms for the public bid. Nightvale grew organically out of the decaying need for national militaries and the growing risks associated with a person or business’s constant proximity to other people.

Famed for their courtesy and customer service skills Nightvale SG employees are licensed for lethal force in most situations, though they rarely use it. Since the desperation of hunger has been removed from much of the impoverished population their job has evolved into a reminder of societal structures. The MNG reports every act of violence or deviance in its constant stream of data to the public so images and appearance are everything.

CEO: Cecil P. Jahsop 55
Wife: Arashi Nikotondo 52
Children: Norin 8 and Starke 6
Sister: Tyria Jahsop 48

CFO: Mallory Maiten Age Unknown
Child: Cord Lamaasu, father unknown

Recruitment: Harm Tymandi
Wife: Tyla Matare
No Children

Training: Ryssa Tomten 35
Husband: Jorus Rant 34
No Children (rumored infertile)

Investigations / Private Services:
Tyria Jahsop 48
Husband: Orion Bailer 50 (Deceased)
No Children

Prominent Companies

Nightvale Security Group

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