Danjuma (Juma) Rabiu

Dambe Prizefighter


An imposing figure, Danjuma Rabiu stands 6’2" and weighed in for his last fight at 196. He typically shaves his head but on occasion will grow out a mohawk, often dyeing it an intense color. When fighting, Juma wraps his right hand (the “spear”) in cloth and then tightly winds it with cord to form a formidable weapon. The left hand is left open, and he typically fights with it held wide to act as the “shield”. His right leg, used for sweeps, is similarly wrapped in cloth, with a length of heavy chain wound around it, for sweeping an opponent off his feet and finishing with punishing blows to the head, neck, and torso.

Besides his frame, his most immediately recognizable feature is the intentional scarification evident on his body, harsh and fierce on his face and delicately tracing his arms and legs.Scarification.jpg


Although Juma boasts great strength and quickness, he has the look of an old warrior, despite being only 24. Outside of combat he often appears detached or distant, often an affect of the narcotics he has fallen into using (and abusing) in the course of his fighting career.


A Dambe fighter in the Hausa tradition of Nigeria, Danjuma Rabiu came to Cairo to make money as a prizefighter. The popularity of mixed-martial arts and his low-profile fighting style made him an interesting figure in the underground circuit. With his manager Lev Tollesson, Juma branded himself as “Guduma”, the Hausa word for “hammer”, and has had a successful career spanning the last four years, going 24-3-5 in recorded matches, with 18 knockouts. Of course he’s been involved in plenty of unofficial “bouts” as well, and though records for those fights aren’t carefully maintained, Juma would be the first to tell you they’ve been, at best, a mixed bag in terms of success.

Although he sometimes chafes at the way he is portrayed as an “exotic” fighter, he recognizes that his style and scarification draw people to the ring, and thus increase the purses that are made available. He has done well for himself, and is able to afford a decent lifestyle, as well as pay for his narcos. He knows however that his days as a fighter are numbered, and it will be only a matter of time before he is told old, too slow, too weak to keep up.

Danjuma (Juma) Rabiu

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