Benedict Delahunt

(NPC) He's tall, dark and handsome, intelligent, eloquent and probably a serial killer.


A Chunnel rat from birth he fought his way out of poverty by doing what was necessary and maintaining absolute discretion. Lucky enough to be blessed with good looks and a brain his penchant for violence has kept him out of the public eye. Currently working as a freelance security contractor he is commonly in the employ of both Titan and Jade, or on loan from Nighvale. Little is known about his origins, he grew up in foster care and has made concerted efforts himself to learn the truth of his birth, and failed. One of his many rules is that no contract is allowed more than week, unless there are special circumstances. His office is his home and his transportation, the old Firdhaus Hilang is a heavily modded L-B Vulcan Mark IV. “No original parts” he is fond of saying. His last known contract was off-world, monitoring security for a particularly valuable Titan haul. A contract he completed with an assistant crew of 3, not counting his pilot. The word on the street currently is that he has offloaded his crew and is hiring.


Benedict Delahunt

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