Since 2152 the resource recovery experts currently on top of the pile are a formidable group of deep-jump haulers that unionized harshly to protect worker rights and market share. The attitude on earth that humans are as replaceable as equipment led to a great many deaths and accidents across the frontier early on. Substandard equipment, large gaps in safety training and unsteady ships were commonplace in the beginning. The race was on, everyone needed to get their hands on as much as they could while the getting was still good.

As their only contact out in the void other haulers began communicating with each other more than their parent companies and eventually organized and quit at the same time. Together they formed a collective bargaining coalition and began farming out trips as they saw fit. It was too expensive to train replacements, and their organization removed a great deal of inefficiency from the acquisition process, so they became the only game in bulk resource transportation. This was forty years ago, they have had to buy several competitors and are still the largest provider, but the sheer availability of ships has grown too much for them to muscle out all their competition. Their market hold is weakening slowly, currently they have only 58%.

The agreement between AEON and Titan is as explicit as it is profitable: Install the flicker drones as you travel, buying them from us, and we will provide your communications backbone. Titan has only ever lost a hand full of ships, and ALL were eventually recovered, even if the crews were dead.

CEO: Twuuh Hanal 93
Wife: Darai Noscondra 90
Son: Kai Hanal 46

Routing: Barden Klaranos 48
Wife: Jemma Baird 46
Son: Vixur Arlos 6

Public Relations: Aghon Radiant Age Unknown
No known children
Heavily augmented, and quite beautiful to behold

Labor Relations: Anto Telamin
Unwed, openly gay
No known children
Widely considered a thug.

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