The MNG or Media Networking Group, owns over 75% of the broadcasting rights within earth’s radiospace and it has since the deregulation in 2046. They acquired these rights over time by amassing control of the companies that won the bids during the initial release of frequencies. It is unclear whether this purchase was an Anti-Trust violation as that case was never put before the supreme court. As a result they have two enormous profit engines. 1) leasing of frequency to AeON and other communications groups and 2) cultural content creation. As the almost sole providers of entertainment MNG has grown substantially as the human population got more sedentary. The fewer of us were working the more of us were watching their screens.

MNG networks directly into homes and personal devices, funneling a near constant stream of information directly into their consumers’ lives. They even sell a number of higher-end personal communicators that can be implanted into the skull providing a constant stream of information at all times. This is an expensive procedure, but a must in the current business world. They rely on Strex! to sell their lower-end products, even offering discounted store brands for lower-stack markets.

As an entirely publicly traded company, their board of directors is massive and very fluid. Many of their members work for or with any number of other companies. Decisions are made so swiftly by the group-linked augments that despite leading rather separate and disconnected lives they are always voting on and discussing business issues in real time. When enough members agree to vote on an issue an algorithm is employed. The voting members are decided an hour before each vote is taken and then the lobbying begins. The voting rights are partially shares based, but there is also a lottery element. There was talk of adding an AI moderator to function as a scribe for these meetings, but the staggering amount of power and money required to create one was deemed irresponsible by a large majority vote.

Total Board Members: 1537
Minimum to Request a Vote: 614
Minimum Votes Cast to Decide: 150

Prominent Companies


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