Governance and Citizenship

Chitroit City Council

Countries are essentially meaningless at this point. Nationality is merely an indicator of when you are asleep. What identifies a person are their skills, their education, and their location in The Stack. One is not American or democratic, one is a mid-stack Chitroity, that works tech in The Pit. A High-Stack Cascader retired from a life in FTL Transport. You are born in a stack, you work somewhere in the spread, and if you’re lucky, maybe one day, you see the sky. Life is spent bustling, working or moving towards work or home. Culture has been downtrodden by efficiency and ones constant proximity to another human being. The end result is a substantially grayer human condition than is optimal, however the seals are well maintained and the Surfacers are confident in the self-sustainability of the City so there is almost 0 impact on the actual planet’s surface. This is the price we pay for our numbers. This planet is no longer enough for our species, but we have no new place to go yet.

The ecosystems of this planet are stabilizing, we barely managed to slow the damage in time. In the late 2160’s we noticed the beginnings of a massive die-off in multiple ecological realms. Careful, yet rapid research yielded one, simple conclusion: we were killing the planet. The once magnificent cities were wrapped up in their entirety, skinned like a spaceship. Those areas less advantageous than others were left out of the envelope, to whither and die eventually. What had before been merely boundaries of convenience became boundaries of necessity, war even.

Nations fractured while regional economies grew fat on the fertilizer of a pillaged galaxy. Swiftly employment became more important than citizenship.

Within the cities there is a great deal of order, everything stacked vertically in the towering rows of ceramite structures, connected to each other in innumerable ways. The further down you go the less roomy the spaces get, their walls thicker to support the unimaginable weight of the structures above it. The surest signs of wealth are true daylight and an easy commute. Everyone works. Everyone. One finds a skill, makes it theirs, and competes in the open, saturated market. All day-to-day jobs like restaurant work, etc are farmed out to “0-Hours.” Workers without a trade, who bid their time daily on a competitive, day-by-day hiring board online. This is a large class of people, as sadly you cannot automate good customer service. A skilled receptionist is a highly prized, well trained professional, paid more than most of the skilled labor inside.

The United Nations have largely atrophied as its comparative resources were dwarfed by the private sector’s escalation of acquisition. Serving as little more than a vestigial data warehouse it still functions but in name only. It is not that the world does not need global governance, in fact it would probably benefit from it greatly. Sadly, no one is willing to share their plunder yet, so cooperation has been dead for a while. Each city has its own governing body(s) and each city’s is unique. Chitroit is run by a council made up of a representative from each of the 5 major companies in the city, and 6 elected or appointed officials. Their decision making power is entirely confined to Chitroiti territories, and their job is to advocate for the region abroad.

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Governance and Citizenship

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