Current Events

It is March 10th 2236 and most of the world is gearing up for our 100th Traversary, so actual news has been scarce. The 24/7 news cycle churns through stories rather quickly, as attention spans dwindle. The most recent banner headlines are as follows.

There are a few rumors going around regarding a new AeON innovation soon, Ordu Moonway has been making the rounds and hinting about it for some time now. Supposedly it is a better processing matrix for FTL jumps that will drastically reduce fuel consumption as well as lengthen jump capacity. Some experts have postulated it is a big step towards intergalactic flight, but must be carefully tested for safety. Oddly enough, StrexCorp has been extraordinarily active in this as well. Kuly Jaleeb, a relative newcomer at Strex has been publicly adamant about his support for the project, even assisting in PR.

This is now the 4th time that rumors have surfaced stating Zane Strex is dead, and that the company will now be torn apart by Elma and Cytherea’s rivalry. His lawyers have assured the public that is not the case, he is offworld at a medical treatment facility to get his augmetics upgraded. He gave a brief video statement regarding the current state of the company and it was issued to the press. He appeared especially frail in this one, but he always has.

There are growing accusations of corruption in a distribution deal between Jade Enterprises and Nightvale Security Group. Originally, NVSG was investing in a cutting edge personal protection device for its top-tier clients, but disputes arose when the device failed to meet specifications. It was resubmitted after a few weeks of reworking and passed with flying colors. This drew suspicion but thus far The MNG has been unable to uncover any signs of wrongdoing and the deal is close to closing.

Recruitment calls have gone out for the permanent colonization of a nearby planet. All are welcome to apply and the process will most likely be handled the way the FTL trials were. A mix of public and private testing and education, with a great deal of celebrity thrown in as well. The plan is to have the first phase of construction completed within 10 years, Titan and AeON have both signed on as a major sponsors. Winners are to be voted on and announced in six months, with launch from the Lansing Spaceport in a year.

Slumductions have been rather high lately, a family of 5 went missing from the mid GCHD just yesterday. The manhunt is ongoing but details are slim and the footage from the searches is gritty and discomforting. This is almost always followed by a story on how overcrowded the GCHD is, with footage of the sludger lines and voiceover. The reality is that large portions of Chitroit are uninhabitable, whether due to neglect, poor construction or decades of vandalism. They typically follow up with another reference to the kidnappings and then segue into a fear-mongering rant about the growing “gray population.” This of course refers to the estimated over a billion semi legal residents that have slipped through the cracks of the Chitroit social system and are squatting outside of approved housing regions.

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