Wallace P Simms (Deceased)

(NPC) One of the inventors of modern FTL, died trying to make a point.


Slight, but handsome he would have made an excellent con-man, if the invention bug hadn’t bitten him. Always looking for a better, easier way of doing things he was regarded as lazy by his first few educators, a prodigy by all later. His inventions would shape history, in many ways. The tram systems, the Seals, the Engevo that turned human waste into fuel, are all results of his work. He first postulated FTL as a drunken bet with a colleague and when he woke up confessed to having to re-imagine his work as he could not remember it.


The first sentient being to enter FTL, Wallace P Simms was widely regarded as 2 distinct things: a genius, and an asshole. A handsome lowstacker from the Chunnel Housing Department he got his start in the sciences by siphoning off sludge to feed his adoptive family’s pets and livestock when he was seven. Rumors say he was born an Outsider, but his birth certificate is public record stating he grew up in CHD and was orphaned early in a rocketry accident. He was picked up by local authorities in short order, but thankfully they punished him by putting him to work. His research was always focused on making something easier, cheaper, or simpler. He was asked early how to get to another star and stated “well, only an idiot would fly there.”

That attitude fostered a generation of shortcutting that made the modern world possible. His first FTL experiments were off the record, resulting in a few major power drops accidentally. He was brought to the public light in 2127 when he managed to send a robot through that took pictures and sent a signal, then pressed a button to bring itself back. The robot malfunctioned but the button was pressed in the turbulence and it came back only lightly damaged. The signal was never recovered and if the object appeared where it was supposed to we would not know, because the pictures never turned out.

Wallace P Simms died in an experiment of his own design in 2130. He got in a life-safety pod with food and tools, turned on an FTL drive within the Earth’s accretion disk and was never seen again. This was all well documented on camera, with a drink in hand, up until the small shuttle he is on disappears and the signal dies out on his transponder. Attempts at discerning a course have met with no success, no body has been recovered. His work is found in just about all Titan property, as well as the core of AeON.

Persons of Note

Wallace P Simms (Deceased)

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