Timothy "Tim" Price

you know, hes that, guy.


Int based. havent rolled up stats yet.


It was a jubilant morning, this close to the holiday.

That was the morning, when among all the the clamor and celebration, a dead man managed to board an aircraft.

The other passengers did not notice the dead man. Most were drunk on synth, emotions, or cheap booze. All were excited to get to where they aimed. Each and every one of them full of the half formed expectations of adventure that can only come from traveling. All of them, but one.

The dead man accessed his device and sent himself to the airport’s data stream. He closed his eyes and blanked out the screen. Secure in the thought that He could find an entry node. Not exactly legal, but much faster then the on board access. Connecting to the municipal server gave Him access to most of the city. But He only synced his inbox and confirmed, once again, that his appointment was rescheduled. When the information was relayed to him, the dead man didnt smile.
he was not expectant like the other passengers. he had no party to go to. no loved ones to welcome him.

He was not happy or excited. Those expressions are for the living.
But he did feel something. It was a hope that only the recently deceased can experience.
The though of the afterlife. Some hope of being after you have stopped being.

On the night of the 75th, he would take a new face. with his new face, he would start his afterlife.
The dead man stopped thinking of his new face as memories of his old one flashed in his mind. Unwelcome, but as necessary, as a forced eulogy, he could say without lie that that life was a good one. A family well taken care of, a career that boarded on the point of legacy, and children that looked and acted like he did. But that is all over now.

That life, to be frank, is dead.

New face, New life. Almost as terrifying as a new born child. Will the new being grow to be a savior, or a psychopath.

Those are worries for the living. and this man is dead.
The plane takes off from DUL. it aims towards CHI. The dead man may have smiled, after all, he has an appointment to keep.

He thought of many names. Which one would he choose to define himself. Heroes, and Hiros flashed though his mind. Should he be Deckard? Or Gyrus? Perhaps some other new protagonist.

In the end. he decided on being invisible. And that means a name that is easy to forget.

A man died yesterday. At about that same time, Timothy “Call me Tim” Price stepped onto an airport shuttle.

Tim had an appointment with a man that promised him a new face, no questions asked. Which was a good thing. Because, at this point, Tim still looked like a dead man.

Timothy "Tim" Price

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