Marcus Stephens

(NPC) Wife and Daughter died during Traverse experimentation.


Once an ugly troll of a lab-tech, Marcus’s intelligence bought him the augmetics and clout to repair his body and fit him for the public eye. At first off-putting, and then intriguing his heavily modified body became a style statement. He had begun the process of popularizing large-scale self augmentation when tragedy struck and his career took a steep dive. He was famous for rapidly cycling between arm and hand prosthetics to control every aspect of the design and build process for his inventions.


Marcus Stephens was a prominent mind in the early days of FTL. He and Argust believed competing theories about the nature of the dangers found in The Traverse. Argust believed them to be physical, Marcus feared they were spiritual. Marcus and his family were members of a minority religious group (one of the few left on the planet) and they believed that man was not meant to use his technology to survive these distances, rather that god had made him capable of it as an organism. His goal was to send a ship to the desired destination point that would function as a catching device, and then walk humans through a Traverse held steady before them within an intense EM field. This was impractical in its energy demands to say the least, but was interesting enough to pursue until the tragedy. His daughter Jandia, only 6 at the time, got free and wandered into the test chamber after the animals they were sending, and his wife Patricia ran to rescue her. When the destination pod was recovered the animals were all inside out and his wife and daughter were never found. It is believed that their erratic movements invalidated the telemetry and this resulted in their deaths.

Not only did this effectively end Marcus’s personal life, it ended his career. He lives in an expensive prosthetic body way up-stack in the GCHD. His security is legendary and his contract with Nightvale Security Group is rumored to be quite lucrative. He never remarried and none of his siblings are of prominence. All of this happened after Alfred Manderson (Deceased) took his own life in the late 2160’s. Immediately after the incident with his wife and daughter the problems began in Zone 016 shortly leading up to the sinkhole and its collapse.

Persons of Note

Marcus Stephens

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