Argust von Strex (Deceased)

(NPC) Alfred's mentor, died in the same Traverse.


Stocky and broad, he was never quite as popular as his protege, Alfred. Dark serious eyes and a heavy beard/mustache combo limited his appeal, which was what marginalized him within the family business. Because of this he was forced into the public market, where his genius was discovered and he excelled. He was widely regarded as the best candidate for ten years before Alfred showed up. Their friendship and partnership were a strange twist in the politicized environment, they got along well and the project flew ahead. The media initially attempted to portray them as rivals, but that was simply not the case.


Many years older than Alfred, he was ready to go FTL before the technology was. One of the leading minds on the engine’s design he was also a prime candidate for the trip once it was ready. His partnership with Alfred was what brought the project the funding it needed to thrive, and his death was regarded as a mysterious tragedy. A casualty of progress.

Conspiracy theorists deep in the web claim Alfred murdered him over an affair, others that they were assaulted by a third party, not necessarily human. The official statement was that he died during the Traverse of the rigors of space travel but a few photos of his autopsy were leaked and large portions of his head, flesh and skeletal structure had been excised precisely. The common theory is that he died in some sort of horrible miscalculation and the companies involved plead accident to protect the project. Many say it is to their credit they did not hang it around Alfred’s neck.

Argust left behind two older sisters and an older brother, who currently make up most of the executive board at Strexcorp, a leading manufacturing and distribution company.

Persons of Note

Argust von Strex (Deceased)

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