Alfred Manderson (Deceased)

(NPC) The first man to survive the Traverse, but he came back afraid.


A tall man, quite handsome, despite the fact that almost his entire head has been augmented. A lot of his work was done inside the skull, giving him instant recollection of vast stores of data, as well as the capacity to read and write binary at blinding speeds, without moving. He was a media darling during his training, his beautiful wife and newborn baby boy were born for the cameras and his cheerful attitude quickly made him famous. The training and tryouts were broadcast planet-wide and quickly devolved into a popularity contest. Thankfully the most popular was also the best qualified, when his pick was announced people celebrated.


Trained on the inland remains of Florida, sweating in the heat for years as he prepared his body and mind for what had killed three people before him. The first was an inventor, eager to prove his worth he used himself as a guinea pig and was never found. Second and third were an accident, a small girl wandered into the containment field and her mother dove in to try and save her. The last to die was his mentor and training officer, Argust von Strex. He died in the in the same Traverse and his corpse was brought back by Alfred. He had attempted no CPR or first aid despite being seated next to him in the jump pod, and claimed they were both badly shaken though he himself was unharmed except for the deep bruises from his restraints and a burst blood vessel in his right eye.

He lived for several more years, spiraling slowly into a deep madness before he was fired, divorced and finally committed suicide in 2161. His death was regarded as a tragedy, and his madness the reason. The popular theory is that a broken man achieved greatness only to be brought down by his own demons in the end. His ravings are all public record but very little is still remembered. Upon his immediate arrival he was catatonic and claimed to have been gone for days, though the mission parameters indicate he waited the requisite minute at the target point and brought back a sample of gas as proof. His flight partner, Argust, had been mutilated. It was assumed this happened due to some malfunction in the traverse, as no blood or weapon was ever found, and Alfred never left his chair. Flight footage from the security feeds was unrecoverable, it would be some time before we learned to build computers that could survive crossing the field.

His ravings upon his return were all centered on one simple delusion, that we were not alone in the universe and that our stewardship of this galaxy was underwhelming at best. He stated that we had to stop and leave immediately. When asked “stop what” he replied “being human.” This was when he was taken into custody and placed on a three day psych hold. The official statement was that the flight had proved more traumatic than they thought, and he would require further examination. He later recanted, but was never the same. His eventual suicide by captive bolt gun was mourned, though not unexpected. The alleged but unproven theft of his corpse was a thoroughly dismissed scandal that lasted less than 3 cycles.

Persons of Note

Alfred Manderson (Deceased)

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